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  Hey! After a few days, the drain of the vegetable washing pool was finally dredged. I'm very grateful to master Wang of Jinan pipe dredging company. Otherwise, the life of the family renter could not be guaranteed.
  Ms. Tian, who lives in a residential area, said to her neighbors that yesterday, the tenant who had moved for more than 10 days called to say that the sewer of the vegetable washing basin she had rented was blocked before she moved away. She forgot to tell the owner. Now she remembered to call and say something. So Ms. Tian hurried to open the door and tried to get into the water. Indeed, all the water overflowed into the air. Ms. Tian felt that Muttering: This is almost too immoral. I have to rent my house. I have blocked the sewer. When I leave, I have to ask my landlord to pay for someone to clear it. How can this be true? Say, in the heart still some suffocate.
  It turns out that when the rented house was moved away, the sewer of the vegetable washing pool had been blocked for several days, and the master had not been called to open the door. When he left, he kept the landlord in the dark, so as to avoid the dredging cost. After ten days, he still had some Conscience Discovery in mind, so he called to remind him.
  So, Ms. Tian found Mr. Wang, who was in the company to dredge the sewer, and begged to come to help solve the problem in time. Soon, Mr. Wang took the dredger and hurriedly climbed up to Ms. Tian's third floor house. He first put down the dredger, looked around the kitchen, and then carefully looked at the water pipe in the cabinet, and said: "the structure of this pipe is not reasonable, it is far away from the kitchen The main pipe in the corner is too far away, and it's the 50 pipes with the smallest diameter. It's very difficult to measure the dredge, "he said. He plugged the dredge into the power, installed it with a spring and started to operate it." boom "with the dredge's operation, the five meter long spring can't be put into the four meter position any more. Master Wang, who was tired and sweaty, pressed the handle with one hand and used it with the other The force pushes in the spring, but it can't get in.
  With years of experience and hand feeling, Master Wang said definitely: "the water trap of this sewer is still next to the main pipe originally set. Only because the washing basin has moved, the water trap and the water outlet are separated. Therefore, it is difficult to hit the water trap from the water outlet of the washing basin, because it is too long from the U-shaped water trap, and the kitchen sewer is easily blocked It's the trap, not to mention the smallest 50 pipes. Now people in the new kitchen use the 75mm diameter pipe. "
  Ms. Tian then proved Mr. Wang's judgment, and introduced that the house belonged to the old staircase house, which had been bought for seven or eight years and was estimated to have been built in the past nine years. When I bought it for decoration, the water and electricity engineer moved the dish washing basin from the side of the main sewer pipe of the kitchen to the right end of the kitchen, which was also for the convenience of cooking and cutting vegetables I didn't expect that the lack of common sense of drainage system left this annoying hidden danger!
  ,师傅让田女士烧了几壶开水,先用洗衣粉投入下水道,再用烧开的开水灌进去,然后,用疏通机重复疏通,这样,好不容易才把这个厨房下水道彻底疏通。 临走,师傅劝诫田女士,以后,买房装修时,千万不要依本人的观念恣意把建筑商定位的厨房洗菜盆移位,就是要移位的话,也要提示水电工把存水弯跟着洗菜盆下水口挪动,否则,不能乱改,这样会祸不单行的。
  Finally, Mr. Wang asked Ms. Tian to boil a few pots of boiled water. First, put the washing powder into the sewer, and then pour the boiled water into it. Then, use the dredger to dredge repeatedly. In this way, it is not easy to completely dredge the kitchen sewer Before leaving, Mr. Wang admonished Ms. Tian. In the future, when buying and decorating the house, please don't arbitrarily shift the kitchen dish washing basin which is located by the builder according to your own idea. If you want to shift, you should also prompt the water conservancy workers to move the water storage bend with the water outlet under the dish washing basin, otherwise, you can't change it randomly. This will never happen alone.
  Now I finally know the reason why the kitchen sewer is easy to be blocked. In order to prevent the hidden danger of the later block, we must pay attention to the reasonable setting of the water pipe after the displacement of the kitchen sewer.
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